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Cervical Arterio-Venous Malformation (A-V Malformation)
This young man was operated on by another surgeon who removed a right cervical lymph node.  The histopathology report revealed reactive hyperplasia.   A year later, he presented with a hypertrophic scar that covered a pulsatile right neck mass.  This painless mass was not visible in the erect position, but immediately engorged when he bent his head down or reclined. 

The two upper photographs of the patient in the erect position only show a hypertrophic scar.  The photograph on the left shows him bending his head forward, causing the neck mass to immediately fill up and become visible.
The axial (left upper), coronal (right upper) and sagittal (left) MRI images show an ovoid 3.5 x 2 cm mass and the feeding vessels.
At surgery, an A-V malformation was discovered and easily removed.

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