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Picture of Aural Polyp and Cholesteatoma
Picture an aural polyp protruding into the external auditory meatus, surrounded by cholesteatoma flakes.

The above aural polyp was biopsied. 

Histopathology shows fragments of granulation tissue with fibrinopurulent exudate at the surface and an acute and chronic inflammatory infiltrate.  Also present are fragments of squamous epithelium and one fragment of granulation tissue covered by squamous epithelium.  There is keratin debris at the surface of one squamous fragment and a few of the granulation tissue fragments.  There is no evidence of malignancy.
Granulation tissue with fibrinous exudate (Aural Polyp).
Inflamed granulation tissue (Aural polyp).
Keratinizing squamous epithelium (Cholesteatoma).
This is another aural polyp growing around an infected
PE  tube.
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Aural polyp protruding out of a child's external auditory meatus.