Pictures of Pleomorphic Adenoma of the Sublingual Gland. (Benign Mixed Tumor)
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This young man presented with a painless, slowly growing, anterior submandibular mass, of several month's duration.
Axial CT slices show a well circumscribed round mass in the right sublingual region.
Sagittal reconstruction of the CT slices show the 4,2 x 2.8 cm round sublingual tumor
The tumor was removed via an anterior submandibular approach.
The sublingual tumor was firm, well encapsulated and relatively avascular. The histopathologic diagnosis was pleomorphic adenoma.
The wound was closed with subcuticular sutures and covered with Dermabond surgical glue.
Over 84% of pleomorphic adenomas occur in the parotid gland, 8% occur in the submandibular gland, and 6.4% occur in the minor salivary glands.