Pictures of Thyroid Nodule
This page was last updated on: October 4, 2014
Thyroidectomy, surgeon's view.

Rapidly growing right thyroid nodule, producing tracheal and esophageal compression.  This nodule was benign on frozen section.  The right thyroid lobe and isthmus were removed.  The left thyroid lobe was left behind.
Axial CT scan showing a left thyroid nodule.

This young woman had a rapidly growing left thyroid nodule that compressed her trachea and displaced it to the opposite side.  She also had mild dysphagia.  She had a left hemithyroidectomy.
Right Thyroid Nodule.
This patient presented with dysphagia, choking sensations and an enlarging mass in the right side of the neck.  Subsequently, fine needle aspiration biopsy revealed a papillary carcinoma. The patient underwent total thyroidectomy and modified neck dissection, followed by radioactive iodine treatment.
Thyroidectomy surgeon's view.
The thyroidectomy flap has been raised and the strap muscles retracted bilaterally to uncover the thyroid gland.  A large nodule is bulging out of the right lobe.  The isthmus and left lobe are also visible.

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